Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Jacket Required Feb 2012

With a new easy-to-navigate venue, improved brand selection, relaxed
atmosphere and the coolest people in town, Jacket Required’s
second edition took off where the first one left us – with some
aplomb. Tom Bottomley talked to some of the movers and shakers
and picked a few of his favourite brands to watch out for.

Brand spotlight:
Joe & Co Premium Apparel & Denim

This is former retailer Josef Schindler’s baby, and it
was almost odd to see some decent premium
selvedge indigo denim on show (there is some great
Made in England apparel too), such has been the
chino overkill of late. Schindler says he’s looking at
building the business through the website
( and Independants.
 He also says it’s not about being a fashion
brand, but more inspired by timeless workwear and
military classics. The denim has two tiers, the top
end made in Japan, at one of the most respected
denim mills and retailing at £200, and lower price
point  made in USA & EU with the entry level denim
starting at £65.00 - £125 plus for the USA made denim,
these are more accessible. The shirts are all
limited edition and made in Manchester. “Once
you’ve seen it, it’s gone – you’re not going to get it
again,” says Schindler. “It’s not mass produced, so it
isn’t going to be everywhere.” Now that’s a decent
sales patter to go with some good looking kit.

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