Friday, 24 February 2012

AW12 Preview @ Jacket Required

Here is a small selection of what is to come for coming for AW12. Fabrics are from Japan & Italy, All the shirts our made in our factory in Manchester, England and will be in limited edition numbers and available from September 2012 if not before

More denim for AW12. fabrics are from Japan & USA and are made in Japan, USA & England. All denims are either Red, White, or Blue selvedge, and come RAW. Available from September 2012 if not before

Our first pair of the JCXX01s. These are 2 year old and have been washed about a dozen times, without any chemicals. The fabric is a 13.5oz, red selvedge, from the NM mill and Made In Japan. Available in RAW only, from September 2010 if not before

Friday, 17 February 2012

One of the early Cone Denim Mills c1895

This is the White Oak weaving room at the Cone Denim Mills,North Carolina, USA  C1900 where Joe & Co use there fabric for there USA made denim. Some of these weaving machines are still in use today and in some cases more reliable then modern looms.