Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Joe & Co Japanese Red Selvedge.

Altering a pair of Joe & Co Japanese Red Selvedge. The denim is made in Japan from the Yoshikawa Orimono Mill in Ibara, Okayama. This model is the JCXXYO-01s Red Selvedge, and they come in very limited numbers. Attention to detail means a lot to us, the button heads and rivets are made out
of copper, the button and rivet pins are embossed with theJoe & Co sewing machine logo and the waistband patch is made from a high grade leather. All the denim comes with chain stitch hems,
as you would expect from a any premium denim garment made in Japan.

As the jeans have a chain stitch hem they needed to be altered by a tailor with a chain stitch machine. These are very hard to come by and only a few tailors have the right equipment to do the job. Luckily enough we had one just on our doorstep, the Denim Doctor based in Manchester. We spoke with Michael (the Denim Doc) who took a few measurements then got to work. (images below)

Article by Dan

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