Thursday, 16 June 2011

Japanese Premium Selvedge Denim

Joe & Co started life as a thought!!! to create Limited Edition pieces of  premium selvedge authentic denim. In 2010 it became a reality. The Premium arm of Joe & Co is Made in California USA,using CONE DENIM (White Oak Selvedge Collection)& Ibara,Okayama, Japan, by master craftsmen using one of the most respected and finest denim mills in the world today. All our premium selvedge denim is in 'RAW' state and we believe to get the best out of your denim is to wash it yourself, to get that personal look, that many of us pay a small fortune for, and is mass produced. 
Our denim is also 'Made In England' and the EU and again are all Limited Edtition pieces. Our collection consits of Denim, Shirts & Sweats are made from the finest cottons around the world.

There is so much going on in the world of 'Joe & Co' and what we are all about keep following and you will find out for yourselves

We hope you like what you see and maybe one day have a piece of Joe & Co in your wardrobe........

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